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Internship Program Gets Interns on the Road to Success

July 27, 2022

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Each summer, young interns join the Gray & Son team to roll up their sleeves and learn more about the hard work that goes into successful construction projects. We sat down with Anita, Gray & Son’s Manager of Learning and Development, to learn more about what the Gray & Son Internship Program entails and how it’s paving the way for the next generation of construction professionals. 

A Comprehensive Experience 

As many seasoned construction professionals know, a successful project is no small feat. Gray & Son aims to expose interns to all the components of the industry and more. 

“Our program is very robust, the interns get a chance to go through all of the divisions and look at it through a different lens. They’re not just tied into one area,” explains Anita. 

Internship opportunities are offered for both field-based and office-based positions.

“The interns in the field will get a tour of all of our divisions,” explains Anita. “They will go to our asphalt plants, they will work with demo, they will work with stone, they will work with concrete, they will work with grading, they will work with utilities. They will get to experience all of the different divisions and work there for a week or two depending on the length of the internship.” 

Anita adds that some office-based internships, such as the current intern working in the accounting department, will focus their time on that department to gain in-depth experience in their respective field. 

The interns begin learning on Day One of their internship, kicking off with a behavior assessment that allows both interns and Gray & Son team members alike to better understand how they work. Currently, team members at Gray & Son complete the ProScan to help teams gain a deeper understanding of how they work together. 

“The ProScan allows them to learn more about what they need to succeed,” says Anita. “They can then help the superintendent help them. Different people have different leadership styles, but your personality is your personality. It’s important that our interns are able to communicate effectively and express what they need in order to be successful.” 

Giving interns this tool allows them to focus on personal growth during the internship as well, she says.

During the first week, interns are exposed to the different Gray & Son departments through ride-alongs. 

“They’ll get to ride out with the superintendent out to the different job sites to get a better feel for our current projects,” explains Anita. “Then, they’re assigned their program. They’ll cycle through the different departments and get exposure to all of our different teams.”

One of the biggest goals of the internship is to give interns a real taste of working in construction. The interns get the opportunity to work side-by-side with some of the best and brightest in the industry on real projects. 

“Everyone is made aware that even though they are interns, our team is expected to give them real responsibilities,” says Anita. 

Another major goal of the internship program is to usher the interns into the Gray & Son family. 

“This is an opportunity for them to look at the company as a whole,” says Anita. “That’s something we really try to do, give them a comprehensive experience so that they can see the culture, the different divisions, how people get to work together and ultimately, give them the opportunity to say, ‘Yes, I want to be a part of that company.’” 

The internship culminates in an opportunity to share their learning with the leaders of Gray & Son. 

“At the end of the internship program, we give them an opportunity to present their experience to the company team,” says Anita. “We call it presenting their internship experience. We reference their Pro-Scan and look at ways to improve their presentation and public speaking skills.” 

While this element of the internship may be intimidating to some, it allows the interns to strengthen some softer skills that will allow them to be better prepared for their professional lives. 

Intern Selection 

The internship program aligns with the college school year so that rising juniors and seniors may participate. Anita and her team begin reviewing applications in January, with the goal of selecting interns by April. In addition to working with college-aged students, Gray & Son works with high school seniors who are looking to get into the industry. 

“This program is for individuals who are seniors who know they don’t want to pursue a traditional college route,” says Anita. “If they’ve decided they want to go directly into full-time work, they will work during the summer with our team for 90 days. At the end of the 90-day internship, both our team and the intern will evaluate the experience and decide if it’s a good fit for long-term employment.” 

High school interns must be at least 18 years of age to participate in the program.

The Future Is Bright 

As the dog days of summer grow longer, our team of interns is completing their projects and hanging up their hard hats. We’re grateful for their hard work and contributions and proud that we were able to help shape the next generation of construction professionals. 

If you’re interested in joining our team or learning more about our internship program, please reach out to employment@graynson.com.