Featured Equipment

Reclaimer & Material Spreader

In providing soil stabilization services to correct wet subgrades or improve poor soil strengths, Gray & Son depends on its Caterpillar RM-350B Reclaimer & Material Spreader to accommodate soil treatments using either cement or lime. We will work with your geotechnical engineer to provide the most cost-effective solution for your soil type and site conditions. Gray & Son offers soil treatment as both a standalone service or included with our stone base and paving to provide a turn-key package.

Our Fleet

Quality pieces. Efficient performance.

Gray & Son takes pride in keeping costs down and quality up with our comprehensive inventory of equipment. In fact, we own our entire fleet, and our shop team works diligently to keep it in top-notch condition. With every new piece of equipment, we remain mindful of fuel efficiency, air quality and a high level of productivity, reinforcing our commitment to our customers, the environment and our surrounding communities.

Equipment Type# of Pieces
End Dumps21
Cement Spreader Truck2
Dozer with Ripper4
Farm Tractor1
Wheel Scraper5
Asphalt Roller25
Dirt Roller8
Stone Roller11
Trench Roller13
Utility Roller6
Asphalt Curber2
Power Curber2
Milling Machine5
Shuttle Buggy2
Asphalt Paver11
Rubber Tire Backhoe7
Mini Excavator4
Rubber Tire Excavator1
Compact Loader3
Skid Steer18
Track Loader17
Rubber Tire Loader13
Maintenance of Traffic Vehicles9
Core Truck4
Tack Truck7
Single Axel Dump Truck7
Tri-Axel Dump Truck33
Paving Service Truck6
Equpiment Service Truck6
Low Bed5
Street Sweeper3
Sewer Truck/Vacuum Test Pit1
Water Truck6
Crane Truck1