Asphalt Paving

Asphalt Paving Services

Gray & Son is the leading asphalt paving contractor serving the Baltimore area and surrounding areas (Maryland, Pennsylvania, DC and Northern Virginia). Our asphalt paving company has the expertise and experience to handle any size residential or commercial paving project. From asphalt overlay and asphalt resurfacing to asphalt patching and reconstruction to new asphalt construction, we do it all. Our commitment to the environment is a key component of our asphalt paving services. With six asphalt plants located in Maryland, we are certified and fully permitted by the Maryland State Highway Administration for all facets of RAP, recycled asphalt products. RAP is America’s most recycled material, and Gray & Son is committed to using RAP in our asphalt mixes. See why gray is the new green here.

Asphalt Overlay & Asphalt Resurfacing

  • Application of overlay of new asphalt material on existing pavement
  • Complete asphalt overlays (parking lots, roadways, etc.)
  • NOTE: compacted thickness can vary from 1 ½” to 2″, depending on the project

Asphalt Patching

  • Removal of broken pavement that is replaced with new asphalt pavement material

Asphalt Reconstruction

  • Replacement of existing, deteriorating pavement with base asphalt and asphalt surface course
  • Re striping of lines, as needed

New Asphalt Construction

  • Installation of new asphalt construction parking lots and roadways

Asphalt Undercutting

  • Process used to fix soft sub-base using good dirt, stone or soil cement, depending on site

Asphalt Milling

  • Removal of existing asphalt pavement to a specified depth
  • NOTE: we have various asphalt milling machines to accommodate anything from a 4-foot wide mill to a 7-foot, 3-inch wide mill

Asphalt Berm

  • Placement of asphalt berm on a new or existing asphalt surface course and back filling with dirt or topsoil

Concrete Curb and Gutter

  • Installation of concrete curbs and gutters to control grade of parking lots and roadways and direct rainwater to inlets

Stone Base

  • Installation of stone base to provide a stable foundation for the asphalt paving

Line Marking

  • New layout for resurface or new construction as well as re striping of existing line markings

Asphalt Paving Fabric

  • Installation of non-woven geotextile that overlays the existing pavement before the surface course is applied
  • Lowers the risk of reflective cracking in the new asphalt pavement
  • Prior to installing the paving fabric, a binder (PG 64-22) is sprayed onto the existing pavement to bond the paving fabric to the existing pavement (provided by subcontractor)

Our Asphalt Paving Projects in Baltimore, Maryland and surrounding areas:

Check out some of our asphalt paving projects here. To learn more about our asphalt paving services, contact us today.