Construction Internship Program

One of the unique challenges facing the construction industry these days is how to introduce new generations of potential employees to what we do. We also need to show off why construction is a desirable field to join.

Gray & Son launched a formal internship program in the summer of 2017. We have had three rotations of interns and are currently selecting our fourth, we’ve learned a lot about how this type of program can benefit Gray & Son, our interns and the industry as a whole.

Benefits of the Gray & Son Construction Internship Program

Introduce New Groups of Potential Employees to the Industry

Like we said above, this was one of the main goals of our internship program. The Gray & Son HR team began recruiting for our internships at colleges with civil engineering majors, looking for people with skill sets that matched our needs. By reaching out to students in this and other business-focused majors, we were able to explain all the construction industry has to offer to a new audience.

Demonstrate the Many Different Types of Work Available in Construction

Once we selected our interns, we brought them in for a 10-week immersive program. They each work in a variety of our departments, including operations, project management, estimating, accounting, and IT. They may also get the opportunity to learn about other areas within our business including our sister company, Maryland Paving, asphalt plants. This way, they are able to see all of the different skills and talents it takes to run a construction business and figure out if they have an interest in any of these areas.

Evaluate and Develop Future Talent

While our interns are learning about Gray & Son, we are also learning about them. We have an opportunity to closely examine their strengths and determine if their skills are a good match for our employment needs. Internships can and do lead to new hires.

Educate Potential Employees on the Benefits of Working in the Construction Industry

Not only do these interns learn about the different areas and departments they can work in, but they also learn about our industry’s unique benefits. We had one intern who loved working outdoors and didn’t want to sit at a desk all day. He saw firsthand how you could work in the field and work your way up – you can progress and be promoted in the business without being in an office all day. On the flip side, someone who does want to eventually move to working in an office has that option as well.

Provide Unique Opportunities to Young Talent

An internship like ours is an amazing opportunity for a college student. They get on-the-job experience, are paid for their work and get college credit if their school allows. They also learn about construction and the opportunities that abound in our field.

These reasons are just a few of the motivating factors that led us to develop our internship program, and we couldn’t be happier with how it’s going. We will continue to provide these opportunities and educate the next generation of construction employees. After all, the construction industry isn’t going anywhere, and we want new talent to join us with enthusiasm and excitement for our future!