Concrete Construction Services

Gray & Son can take care of all your concrete construction needs, from site prep and formwork to placement and finishing.

New Curb and Gutter Design

Curb and gutter typically refers to a monolithic curb where drainage is planned to be contained along the gutter channel into a drainage structure or other outlet location. Gray & Son performs both hand-formed and slip-formed concrete curb and gutter. Hand-formed concrete curb is formed and placed by hand, whereas slip-form concrete curb is formed by machine. Both techniques require expertise and skill.

Concrete Curb and Gutter

Services include commercial parking lot removal and replacement, private and developer subdivisions, and new commercial developments. Gray & Son uses modern and efficient equipment to complete all concrete construction projects.

Concrete Sidewalk Construction

Our services include the removal and replacement of existing concrete sidewalks and/or new sidewalk construction, including installation of ADA Handicap Access Ramps meeting federal guidelines.

Concrete Flatwork

Concrete flatwork is any poured surface that moves along a horizontal plane. Walkways, patios, foundations, sidewalks, driveways, concrete slabs or any other flat surface are all examples of concrete flatwork. Concrete is the perfect material for flatwork due to its perfectly flat and even surface. As concrete contractors, Gray & Son uses concrete flatwork for commercial and private entrances, commercial concrete dumpster pads and traffic calming islands, among other projects.

Cast-In-Place Concrete Structures

Also known as poured-in-place concrete, cast-in-place concrete forming is used to contain and support structural concrete in the shapes of beams, slabs, foundations, walls, columns and floors when concrete is poured onsite in a permanent location. Concrete is brought to the site in an unhardened state, often using a ready mixed concrete truck.

Our Concrete Construction Projects:

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