Building a Career: How You Can Find Stability & Success in Construction


As the interest for a career in construction seems to be declining, there comes an important need to address the problem of recruiting new employees in younger generations. The problem, however, does not lie with the quality of these jobs or the construction industry itself, but more so with how these roles are perceived by those who are hesitant to enter the workforce. A job in construction can bring many benefits and opportunities for young professionals and can truly serve as a competitive career. Here, the team of highly skilled construction professionals at Gray & Son discusses why you should consider a career in the construction industry and how it can lead you to a stable and successful career. 

A Career in Construction Can Provide Career & Financial Stability

Even though there may be a declining interest in a career in construction, there is still an increasing demand for construction jobs around the world. From contractors, to builders, to civil engineers, the need for these jobs is on the rise. Some may also be hesitant to enter into the construction industry due to fears of new emerging technologies such as robotics, as well as the fear that these robots could possibly take over their jobs. Companies in the construction industry, however, urge workers to not fear about the security of their jobs, as even with new emerging technologies such as robotics, they will still need plenty of construction workers to operate these new machines to produce more efficiently and effectively than ever before. Therefore, a career in construction is a safe choice if you are searching for a career path with promising potential. 

Additionally, contrary to a popular myth that a career in construction involves hard work for little pay, salaries for jobs in construction are currently on the rise and are predicted to do so in the coming years. If you already happen to have a four-year college degree, median salaries in the construction industry can be up to around $80,000 a year depending on the job. Even if you do not have a college degree, there are still a variety of construction jobs that can pay very well, such as estimators, heavy equipment operators, dump truck drivers, and tradesmen. It is important to note, however, that the pay for a particular construction job will differ depending on your location. A construction job on the east coast, for example, may make a significantly different pay than that of a job in California. Even though many still believe that a career in construction is a job involving hard-days work with no financial recognition, construction jobs offer more financial stability than many other industries. 

The Construction Industry Has New Technical Opportunities & An Ever-Changing Labor Market

Another common stereotype about the construction industry is that it only consists of mindless laborious tasks such as hammering nails or drawing up basic blueprints. New technologies such as emerging tools and applications are making their way onto job sites around the world, changing the construction industry as we know it. Projects are becoming more advanced, pushing workers to learn new skills and how to operate new technologies and machinery, leaving many of these workers to be the first to learn and operate new emerging technologies. All of these new developments, such as digital construction software systems and drones, allow for construction workers to learn critical skills, providing them with irreplaceable opportunities that could propel them into their dream careers. The labor market for the construction industry is also seeing great changes. More women and minorities are choosing to start a career path in the construction industry, along with companies beginning to search for younger professionals to fill open positions. 

Construction Jobs Are Non-Traditional, Meaning Higher Worker Satisfaction

If a 9-5 desk job does not seem appealing to you, a career in construction might be the way to go. Yes, some construction jobs take a little time behind the desk, but a majority are done out in the field meeting with project managers and stakeholders or monitoring and managing the projects themselves on a job site. This can provide construction workers with satisfaction that many other professional careers cannot: they can see their work put into motion and receive a physical result. A career in construction is most definitely not a traditional job, but the happiness and satisfaction that comes with seeing your hard work result into a true success is both mentally and physically fulfilling. 

Start Out Your Career in Construction at Gray & Son

If you are even just contemplating a career in construction, what are you waiting for? With seemingly endless opportunities, increasing salaries, and valuable skills training, a career in construction will definitely provide you with the stability and success you seek in a career path. Gray & Son is always looking for new team members who can bring a strong work ethic and dedication to the job every day, determined to live out #theGrayWay in any way that they can. To learn more about our benefits, training, opportunities to give back to our communities, and how you can become a part of the Gray & Son team, click here or contact us today.

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