COVID-19 & the Construction Industry: How We Can Propel Growth

In the midst of the novel coronavirus, many industries are suffering both physically and financially. As the American economy continues to fluctuate during this time, developing a proactive strategy to move forward as restrictions ease is vital. At Gray & Son, we understand the importance of coming together to support our community, now more than ever. Here, our team discusses how the construction industry can emerge stronger after the coronavirus, and how the fields of construction and general contracting are paving the way for a regenerative economy.

Coming Together During COVID-19 Facilitates Expansion

As a business, the impacts of the coronavirus have been unprecedented. Making efficient business decisions requires the help of a team, working together to create a relevant and attainable strategy for the coming months. In the construction industry, there are so many moving parts, including subcontractors, vendors, suppliers and more. Maintain steady communication and foster relationships with all of these individuals, as this will help streamline any changes or transitions that may occur during this time. Be diligent about staying up-to-date with each organization as it pertains to the relationship with your business, and lean on each other where needed.

Digital Growth Amidst Coronavirus Can Set the Construction Industry Apart

According to Governor Larry Hogan, construction is deemed as essential work in Maryland, and therefore has continued in-person, while many other industries grapple with moving to the digital realm. Construction companies are using building information modeling (BIM) and simulation plans to connect with clients, as well as digital channels for monitoring employee wellbeing. At Gray & Son, our team has always worked to stay aware of updated equipment, software and other digital programs that can streamline our workflow. Since the start of the coronavirus, our team has started virtual training programs for employees, as well as Zoom meetings with customers, vendors and engineers to ensure that we are keeping a steady pace for growth. The construction industry, now more than ever, is relying on these digital tools to communicate with clients and safely strategize their processes.

Favor Toward Comprehensive Service Offerings & Sustainability is Likely

In addition to various digital initiatives in the midst of the coronavirus, many clients will likely lean toward comprehensive service offerings post-pandemic. Outsourcing services from multiple companies, in multiple locations, with varying safety and business practices would require companies to interact with additional groups that they may feel uncomfortable having onsite. However, finding a construction company with a variety of services, such as Gray & Son, alleviates this burden and potential confusion by providing a one-stop-shop for clients. This way, clients will have the peace of mind that safety precautions are the same across the board, and any digital platforms used in communication and planning will be utilized by a variety of sectors. Furthermore, the shift toward sustainability is likely to increase after the coronavirus is not a pertinent threat. With safety and health at the forefront of many people’s minds, creating a sustainable environment through green construction can ultimately set the construction industry apart from the rest.

Navigate This Challenging Time With the Help of Gray & Son

With over a century of service to the Baltimore community, we are dedicated to keeping our home safe, while perpetuating growth. The construction industry is hard-working and resilient, and this pandemic has shown just how much we need individuals in these sectors. While the coronavirus has financially impacted thousands of industries, the construction industry has the ability to pivot and grow. At Gray & Son, our team is working diligently to provide a safe place for our employees every day, and adapt to our client’s needs to create an efficient planning and construction process. To learn more about Gray & Son’s services, and how we can help you navigate this difficult time, contact us today.

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