Gray & Son Expands to Include Demolition Services

At Gray & Son, we are highly focused on growth opportunities and strong relationships with our customers. That is why, in recent months, we have decided to expand our services to include demolition and material recycling (crushing/screening), making Gray & Son a one-stop shop for all of your redevelopment needs. Here, Maryland-based site development contractors at Gray & Son discuss the new addition of our demolition and material recycling services, and how our strategically implemented demolition process stands apart from the rest.

How Our Demolition Expansion Streamlines the Redevelopment Process

As a company that has been a staple of the Maryland community for over a century, we have formed relationships with many General Contractors and Developers. In turn, we knew it was our responsibility to provide the best quality of service possible to support their needs. With the addition of our demolition and material recycling services, businesses are now able to use Gray & Son through the entirety of their development process, with confidence and comfort that our work will exceed their expectations.

Our demolition and material recycling services are offered as a standalone service or in our package of site contracting work, allowing businesses with a variety of needs to utilize our services with ease. By hiring one company, such as Gray & Son for all of their needs, customers are able to oversee their full project with one contractor.

Gray & Son Provides a Full Service & Comprehensive Demolition Experience

In addition to being a one-stop shop for many customers, Gray and Son’s demolition process handles all aspects of the project, including environmental and material recycling/disposal.  Our process begins by reviewing existing plans and conducting a site visit to get an overview of the scope of the project. From there, our team puts in a proposal based on a demolition plan and creates a strategy for removal of  the materials after the demolition is completed.

Gray & Son also offers as an alternative to disposal the on-site recycling of masonry materials from the demolition for beneficial reuse on the project.  Incorporating recycled materials on-site both benefits the local environment and saves our customers money on the cost of development afterward.   Not only do we care about providing unmatched quality of service to our customers, we want them to know that we prioritize environmental compliance and safety while performing our work.

We Emphasize an Environmentally Conscious Demolition Strategy

In addition to Gray & Son’s emphasis on a environmentally-friendly demolition strategy, our team has extensive experience in potential environmental concerns, and how to deal with these materials in a safe and effective manner. Many abandoned or dated buildings may have mold, asbestos or other hazardous materials that, if not handled properly, can lead to future health issues for those who have been in contact with the redevelopment site. At Gray & Son, we work diligently to ensure that demolition materials are disposed of or recycled properly.

Work With Gray & Son for All of Your Site Contracting Needs

If you are looking for a comprehensive service package with a dedication to community and unmatched service, look no further than Gray & Son. With over a century of experience in the Baltimore area, we take pride in helping to grow both the local and state-wide community through demolition and redevelopment services. Our approach is simple, we stand for quality, pride and service, and prioritize safety in every project we take on. To learn why the Gray Way is the best way to go, contact us today.

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