How Gen Z Is Re-Inventing the Trade Industry

With the COVID-19 pandemic, so many businesses have had to pivot and adjust to succeed during the current climate. The trade industry, although generally seen as traditional, has made incredible strides in technological advancement. Along with assistance from millennials and Gen Z, many businesses in the trade industry have been able to separate themselves from the competition through technology and innovative ideas. Here, the Maryland site contractors at Gray & Son discuss how Gen Z is reinventing the trade industry and how these advancements can bring one-of-a-kind work to Maryland. 

Technology Is Vital to Industry Growth for Gen Z

Construction technology is a fantastic way to help grow and improve workflow throughout your business. Construction technology refers to the collection of innovative tools, machinery, modifications and software used during the construction phase of a project that enables an advancement in field construction efforts. One major benefit of technology to the construction industry is its adaptability. Instead of machinery that focuses on a “one size fits all” mentality, technologically advanced machinery can adapt to a variety of unique construction sites, increasing productivity and ease of navigation for workers. Gen Z, or those born from 1996-2015, have had some form of technology in their hands since a very young age. In relation to the trade industry, individuals in Gen Z have had extensive experience with technology, and are able to understand and navigate various programs with ease. Their previous experience with technology also allows for innovative strategy discussions on improvements for business, helping companies like Gray & Son stand apart from the rest. 

Education Changes Provide Gen Z With Alternative Opportunities

It is no secret that as generations pass, education becomes seemingly more relevant to career success. However, Gen Z has gone against the grain of traditional education, and many are seeking alternative opportunities, such as jobs in the trade industry. Many of these young adults saw their parents struggle after the 2008 housing market crash, and saw their siblings take the path of higher education just to end up without a job after graduation. Additionally, in the midst of the coronavirus, many colleges have moved to completely remote learning, making these young adults wonder if now is the right time to invest in a traditional college degree. Seeing as construction companies and utility services are considered essential businesses in Maryland, individuals in Gen Z are seeking trade opportunities that provide hands-on training, flexibility and opportunities for growth, such as Gray & Son. With the fact that technology can improve productivity on construction sites by 30-45%, individuals in Gen Z are able to work with others efficiently while providing their company with substantial growth opportunities. 

Gen Z Promotes Energy Efficient Alternatives to Traditional Trade Practices

When it comes to Gen Z, values reign supreme. No longer are these young adults searching for any job that will pay them a decent wage, but are actively seeking companies that align with their personal values. One of the values that is important to many individuals in Gen Z is environmental sustainability. While they appreciate additional benefits and a competitive wage, company culture is a huge part of their decision to move forward and grow with a company. They are seeking a space in which their company stands for important social causes, and is able to make an impact on their community. In turn, this has led many businesses to adjust their recruitment and marketing strategies to cater toward these younger generations. Gray & Son has always been a proponent of environmental sustainability, which is why we consistently enact our Gray Is Green initiative, exceeding stringent EPA regulations and reducing our carbon footprint daily. 

See How Gray & Son Promotes Innovation and Growth Across Maryland

At Gray & Son, we prioritize community. This means supporting each and every one of our community members across Charm City, young and old. In response, we understand that in order to grow, we must pivot and acclimate to the current times to help our business run smoothly, providing some of the best site contracting, excavation, demolition and paving services that Maryland has to offer. We are so lucky to have such an incredible employee base, and consistently seek to learn from all generations, especially Gen Z. To learn more about Gray & Son’s service offerings, and to see how we are promoting innovation, contact us today

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