How to Pick the Right Demolition Contractor for Your Project

Demolition projects are no small undertaking, and it’s important that you are selecting the right crew for the job. There can be many factors to consider before settling on a demolition contractor. Here, the experts at Gray & Son point out what to look for as well as things that set great demolition contractors apart

Plan Demolition Projects Thoroughly

Before you start researching potential contractors, it’s important that your project is completely planned out. You cannot determine which demolition contractor will be the right fit if you do not know what your project needs. Think about your goals of the demolition project, what is your needed completion date, and your budget. Having all of these details confirmed before contacting any demolition contractors will ensure that you’re clearly communicating your project’s specs and will allow demolition contractors to provide an accurate quote.  You can also work with your Demolition Contractor to help in the planning if you are unsure of 

Do Your Research on Local Demolition Contractors 

Once you know what your project will entail, you can begin to research local demolition contractors. If you know of a local job site that required heavy amounts of demolition, inquire about who completed the demolition. Internet reviews can also be a useful tool to help gather information about different demolition contractors. 

Get and Compare Quotes

Once you have selected a shortlist of potential demolition contractors, obtain quotes from each contractor. When comparing quotes, it is best to look for affordable prices that match or beat other local contractors. However, make sure that service quality is not compromised by a lower price. It is also important to look at the demolition contractors’ ability to provide a performance bond for the work.  This gives you protection to ensure that the job will be completed. 

Make sure that you’re getting all quotes in writing. This will allow something to reference if the end cost of the project differs from the quote given. 

Inquire About Previous Demolition Projects

While a great quoted price and promises of incredible service may make you want to jump into choosing a contractor quickly, take the time to learn more about their previous projects. Previous demolition projects will allow you to learn about a contractor’s experience, which can greatly impact the quality of a project. 

Ask for testimonials, references, and portfolios of work. When reviewing these, carefully examine previous customers’ pain points and positive reviews. 

Examine the Demolition Contractor’s Safety Record

Safety records may be easy to overlook. However, if anyone suffers injuries on-site, you may be responsible as a site owner. Safety measures are put in place to prevent injuries, and if a demolition contractor has a history of ignoring or breaking safety protocols, the job site may have a higher risk of injury. 

Consider Legal Protections

In addition, ask about legal protection. Ask to see proof of license to operate as well as the demolition contractor’s insurance coverage. Inquire about how extensive the insurance is, and make sure that you understand all elements of the contract you plan to sign with them. While this may seem like a hassle, it can protect both you and the demolition contractor should something go wrong. 

Ask Your Demolition Contractor Questions

Make sure you take the time to ask your potential demolition contractor any and all questions you may have that are specific to your project. Will the company remove debris from the job site? How do they deal with hazardous waste? Do they have any recycling procedures or focus on sustainability? How do you expect payment to be collected? Make sure that you iron out a timeline with your contractor and communicate any other priorities you have for the project. 

After Signing Your Contract

After you sign your contract, step back and let your contractor do the work. You spent the time researching and obtaining the best possible demolition contractor. Now, it’s time to let them take care of the rest. 

Let Gray & Son Pave the Way for Your Demolition Project Needs

At Gray & Son, we offer total demolition services: interior demolition, selective demolition, and full razing as well as on-site crushing/screening of demolition aggregates for beneficial on-site reuse. Our history of safety, customer satisfaction and high-quality service have allowed us to pave the way for more than a century. To learn more about how Gray & Son can assist with your demolition project, give us a call at 410-771-4311 or visit our website.

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