How We Built a Wellness Program that Keeps our Employees Healthy and Happy

As we strive to build and maintain a construction workforce that will stay with our company for the long haul, we’ve tried a number of tactics and approaches (see this post for more on that). Six years ago, we added a wellness program to our benefits as a way to help employees save money, increase their overall health and ensure they stick around! We’ve had a lot of success with our wellness program, so we thought we’d share how we’ve done that.

Communicate the Benefits

We want our employees to know what’s in it for them. So we lead our communications about the wellness program with the WHY – the reasons to participate. These include:

  • Finding out about unknown health issues that need attention
  • Getting help and support for managing any health conditions
  • Saving money! Employees who participate receive a discount on their health insurance program

We also make sure to communicate about the program often and in a variety of ways. Everyone knows that the program exists and how to join in.

Make it Fun and Easy

Structuring this program almost like a game means it’s fun and easy to do. We create a points target, then assign points values to a number of different activities. Those activities include some typical health activities like check-ups and preventive visits, but they also cover group challenges and learning opportunities.

Employees also have a few different ways to submit their progress, so it’s easy for everyone, regardless of where they work or how tech-savvy they are.

Provide a Variety of Ways to Participate

Gray & Son’s wellness program is especially robust (our benefits vendors have told us so!), as we have a big menu of ways to earn points, with something for everyone. Our activities include preventive doctor visits, health promotion activities, and organized programs or sessions employees can attend.

One of our most popular activities is the Walking Challenge, which is made up of group walking sessions and is fun and has both physical and emotional benefits. Making it easy for employees to participate is also key. For example, we host a number of Wellness Education Seminars, but we understand that it can be difficult for many to make it to the office for the seminar. So we also record these sessions and post on YouTube, providing credit to those who watch on their own timeline.


Overall, we just want our employees to be healthy and happy, and we’re committed to providing programs that help them.

Now, a reminder for any employees reading: the Walking Challenge is going on now, and the Weight Loss Challenge will start on May 6! And don’t forget about one of our new offerings this year, free Nutrition Personal Coaching. There are lots of ways to participate, so join in!

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