Maryland Paving, Inc. has Merged into Gray & Son, Inc.

April 01, 2020

We are pleased to announce the merging of Maryland Paving, Inc. into Gray & Son, Inc. This merger will strengthen both entities, which have long worked together as sister companies.

Going forward, Maryland Paving is now a division of Gray & Son, doing business as “Maryland Paving, a Division of Gray & Son” and as simply “Maryland Paving." Maryland Paving Rosedale, LLC, is now wholly owned by Gray & Son, Inc., as well, and will continue to operate under the name of Maryland Paving Rosedale, LLC.

This exciting change will not affect the exceptional service and products offered by both companies, and the points of contact for our customers, partners and vendors will also stay the same. While invoices and payments will now be in the name of “Maryland Paving, a Division of Gray & Son,” most other aspects of the businesses will remain in place.

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