Public Perceptions: Backed-Up Traffic

When you’re already late to work or an event, one of the last things you want to come up during the commute is backed-up traffic around construction. 

Traffic backups can be especially frustrating when they add significant time to your daily commute or delay your travel plans. Multiple light cycles, honking, and a lot of frustration can be common. However, it’s important to remember that being patient during backed-up traffic due to construction can help ensure the safety of both drivers and workers.

When traffic gets backed up, there is really little you can do other than pay attention to road closures and signs. In this blog, we will explore some reasons why it’s important to remain patient and calm during traffic backups caused by construction.


The primary reason for traffic backups due to construction is safety. Workers need space to operate heavy machinery, repair roads, and make other improvements to infrastructure. By slowing down and being patient, drivers can help create a safer environment for both workers and themselves. Rushing through construction zones can lead to accidents or injuries, putting drivers and workers at risk.


While it may be frustrating to sit in traffic, it’s important to remember that the construction work being done is essential for maintaining infrastructure and improving transportation systems. By being patient and allowing workers to do their job, construction can be completed more efficiently. This means the roadwork will be finished more quickly, and traffic will return to normal sooner.

Better Quality of Work

When construction workers are rushed or interrupted by impatient drivers, the quality of their work may suffer. By being patient, drivers allow workers to focus on their job without distraction. This can help ensure that the construction work is done correctly and to a high standard, leading to a better quality of roadwork and longer-lasting infrastructure.

Legal Consequences

It’s important to remember that there can be legal consequences for driving recklessly or aggressively through construction zones. Fines and penalties can be imposed for violating construction zone safety laws, and in some cases, drivers may face criminal charges for injuring or killing construction workers. By being patient and following construction zone safety laws, drivers avoid legal consequences and ensure the safety of everyone on the road.

Ultimately, road closures are put up when there is no safe way for the ongoing construction and road traffic to coexist. Whether this is because the road is temporarily gone, as in the case of underground utility work, resurfacing or paving, or not safely passable due to work near the road, either way, construction crews offer detours to keep both drivers and workers safe.

While it may be frustrating to sit in traffic, drivers must remember that their impatience can lead to accidents, injuries, and legal consequences. By slowing down and allowing workers to do their job, drivers can help ensure that construction work is done safely and efficiently, leading to better infrastructure and transportation systems for everyone.

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