Our Roots: Keeping Core Values at the Center of Innovation at Gray & Son

At Gray & Son, family and tradition are at the forefront. With over a century of service in Maryland, Pennsylvania and Delaware, our family has grown quite a bit over the past several decades. However, Gray & Son takes pride in never losing sight of the Gray family values and staying rooted in our rich history and tradition. Here, our teams at Gray & Son and Maryland Paving outline the importance of moving forward in the construction industry through innovation, while still remaining true to our roots.

New Year, New Technologies with Gray & Son

With 2021 just around the corner, it is important for organizations to expand, adapt, and grow. We are excited and proud to be moving into the new year with updated technology. Not only does adapting to new technologies benefit our team’s work performance and efficiency, but it directly impacts our clients’ happiness and satisfaction. With the latest and greatest technology under our belts, we can provide even better services for our communities. At Gray, we continuously test and improve our large equipment during the slower months, ensuring that they are in pristine shape for when the weather gets warmer. 

We are also starting off the new year with an increased focus on community. With compassion and commitment as two of our core values, we want to take the time in 2021 to give back as much as possible to Baltimore and the surrounding areas. In recent months, we were lucky enough to take part in the completion of the Construction Education Academy through ABC Baltimore. As a result, we were able to finalize the George V. Palmer Equipment Operator Virtual Training Lab, paying homage to our family roots while helping the next generation of the construction industry come to fruition. Building strong, long-lasting relationships is what makes Gray & Son so special and renowned in the commercial construction industry, and we plan on continuing that legacy in the new year.

Staying True To Our Roots

You’ve heard it time and time again, our roots are what separates Gray from others in the area. We have a deep dedication to our history, and we know that each and every employee and family that has been a part of Gray & Son plays an integral role in our story. While we are always focused on expansion and innovation at Gray & Son, we never want to lose sight of where we came from. Over the years, we have added to our team and expanded our services, but some things never change, such as our signature truck logo of Butler, Maryland dating back to the 1950’s. Our vision is still focused on safety, teamwork, customer satisfaction, technology, the environment, growth opportunities and strong relationships with our communities. As one of the leading contractors in the Baltimore area with a rock-solid reputation, our family values and roots in tradition are what have and will continue to push us toward sustainable growth for years to come. 

With a new year comes changes, and, hopefully, this year will be full of changes within our control! One thing is for certain, we would not have been able to make it through this year without our team and loyal clients. Our employees exemplified unprecedented leadership on a daily basis, our management became nimble, making challenging decisions, and through it all, our clients continued to show incredible support. We are thrilled to see what 2021 has in store for Gray & Son and Maryland Paving, but rest assured that no matter what, our core values will be at the forefront of everything we do. 

Learn More with Gray & Son and Maryland Paving

At Gray & Son, we are so grateful for all (well, most) of the changes that have occurred throughout these past years to make us one of the leading contractors in the Mid-Atlantic. From expansion geographically, internally and in our community, we are looking forward to what the future holds. However, it will never change how proud we are to be a part of a long-standing family-owned business with such a rich history, or keep us from staying true to our roots and traditions. As we enter this new year, we hope you will join us. Have any questions about Gray & Son going into the new year or are interested in working with our team? Contact our Lutherville-Timonium office by clicking here: https://graynson.com/contact-us/

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