Simple Ways to Prevent Injuries on a Construction Job Site

In the construction industry, we can never talk about safety too much! We’ve already written about how we make safety a core part of our culture, but we also wanted to share some of the simple day-to-day steps we take to keep our people safe. Below, we’ve rounded up some of the things we do to prevent injuries on a construction job site.

Always Remember Personal Protective Equipment

As an individual working in the field, the best way to protect oneself is with the appropriate personal protective equipment. At Gray & Son, we make sure all of our employees have all of the protective equipment they need to stay safe. These items include:

  • Safety glasses
  • Gloves
  • Safety shoes
  • Lime green reflective safety vest
  • Hard hat

If an employee is doing special tasks, such as operating a chainsaw or concrete saw, we step up the protective equipment to a higher level. This additional equipment may include:

  • Chaps
  • Respirator
  • Ear plugs
  • Face shield

The bottom line is: if there is personal protective equipment that can be worn to help our employees stay safe, we make sure they have access to it.

Evaluate Potential Dangers Before Work Begins

We don’t let dangerous situations sneak up on us – we evaluate our job sites before work begins on both a daily basis and before each work shift begins. This way, we can spot hazards and remedy the situation before the crew gets to work. Eliminating such job site dangers can drastically reduce accidents.

Ensure the Safety of Equipment

Similarly, we also perform daily equipment inspections to check for malfunctions or inefficiencies. These safety walkarounds of all equipment, including trucks and cars, ensure that our crew can work safely and efficiently.

It’s also important to upgrade equipment as newer, safer models come out. Modern construction equipment is much more safety sensitive than older models. Technologies like backup alarms and cameras with sensors to identify if someone or something is nearby have really helped keep our job sites safe.

Work as a Team

One key practice we have in place is a buddy system, enabling our crew members to take care of and look out for each other. Having someone else pay particular attention to your safety and any potential hazards you may encounter is a great way to stay alert.

Finally, we emphasize the overall importance of good communication. From buddy system interactions between crew members to information coming from supervisors, Gray & Son wants everyone to be on the same page. Plus, having open lines of communications to ask questions and voice concerns ensures everyone is heard and all issues are addressed.

Our team members are of the utmost importance to us, and we want that reflected in how we prioritize their safety. By taking simple steps to prevent injuries and accidents on the job site (and again, by making sure safety is a key part of our culture), we can help keep everyone healthy and happy.

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