Dundalk Walmart

Project Overview

Walmart hired Ashland Construction from Ashland N.C. as their General Contractor who hired Gray & Son, Inc. for their entire site package for the existing Dundalk Walmart expansion. This store is being upgraded to a Super Walmart by relocating the existing large storm water management basin to an underground ADS storm chamber system under the existing and future parking lot. The million-dollar underground system required about 20,000 CY of excavation in an acre sized portion of the parking lot.   The system included 760 heavy duty (HD) plastic storm chambers on top of a HD plastic liner and 3.5 ft of stone bedding.  The chambers were topped off with 20,000 tons of stone from 3 to 10 ft deep.  All the onsite storm drains are funneled into the chambers and slowly released out through the Bayfilter outlet structure and into the County’s existing 42” storm system. Gray & Son stockpiled 16,000 CY from the chamber system excavation and placed into the old stormwater basin for the Walmart 4,500 SY (nearly an acre) building pad expansion for their Super Walmart.

One of the added challenges working on a Walmart site is implementing and maintaining their Stormwater Pollution Prevention Plan (SWPP) during this significant basin work. Walmart implements their own SWPP that’s more compliant strict for implementing Erosion and Sediment Control measures.

The project involved 2,200 LF of storm drain replacement, up to 42” in diameter, and 20 new large storm structures. The existing sanitary line was temporary relocated for the underground system and a new sanitary outfall structure and line installed for the future expansion. The water line was also re-routed around the expansion along with replacement of fire hydrants which required a few temporary water shutdowns.

The existing Walmart store front required raising the road profile by 1 ft in places and had to be reconstructed and phased in while maintaining regular store operation. They expanded the south (lawn & garden) parking lot by installing 470 lf of retaining walls along with reconstructing existing parking lot, curb and pavement. They also replaced and modified their auto service and loading docks in the south lot.

The Dundalk Walmart sits within the North Point shopping center and Flea Market.  Walmart had Gray & Son, Inc. mill, patch, and re-surface pave and re-stripe their entire parking lot along with the North Point Road and North Point Boulevard shopping center entrances and the front of the Flea Market.

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Ashland Construction


Dundalk, Maryland

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