Recruitment: Team Mentality in the Paving Industry

Teamwork is important to all aspects of the construction industry, but it is particularly important in the paving industry where the workers are trusted to complete projects on time, safely, and with good quality. At Gray & Son, teamwork is a core skill that we expect when hiring for paving roles, and thanks to our employees we regularly complete high-quality paving projects due to this skill. Below are a few more reasons why teamwork is a quality we find important when recruiting in the paving industry.

Teamwork Increases Efficiency Across the Construction Industry

Paving is a complex process that involves multiple steps and requires coordination between different teams involved in construction projects, such as surveyors, designers, and paving crews. When all team members work together efficiently, the paving process can be completed quickly and with minimal errors, leading to cost savings and higher productivity.

“I have been doing MOT since 1990,” says MOT Super Mike Holland. “Every day is something new,” Holland says. “ It is never routine. I enjoy the challenges placed in front of me. I appreciate the fact that we all are able to work together to resolve those challenges and because of teamwork we accomplish so much.”

Paving Industry Workers Team Mentality Increases Overall Safety

Paving involves heavy equipment and materials, which can be dangerous if not handled properly. When team members work together, they can keep an eye on each other and ensure that everyone is working safely. This can help to minimize accidents and injuries, making the paving process safer and more efficient. By working together as a team, construction workers can ensure that safety protocols are followed, and any hazards are identified and addressed promptly.

“What is Teamwork?” says Holland. “Teamwork in the MOT world is working together to ensure everyone is safe. My great team looks out for all of our fellow coworkers regardless of the job responsibility. My motto is “everyone goes home safe,” both our coworkers and the traveling public. It takes many alert eyes to accomplish this goal.”

Quality Projects Are the Result of Quality Recruitment

Overall, teamwork is essential in the paving industry to ensure that projects are completed efficiently, safely, and most importantly to the general public— to a high standard of quality. A well-paved road or surface requires precise coordination and attention to detail. When team members work together, they ensure that every step of the paving process is completed correctly, resulting in the high-quality finished product that the public expects from Gray & Son.

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