The Role of a Construction Assistant Estimator

We’ve shared how important and busy a construction estimator’s job is, but there are many others involved in getting a project off the ground at Gray & Son. Assistant estimators are also essential to our team, doing much more than simply assisting our estimators! Here’s an overview of the role of an assistant estimator at our company.

First Set of Eyes on a Plan

When plans come in for us to bid on, the assistant estimator is the first set of eyes on it. He or she will dive into the plans, using a variety of software, to get a handle on what all will be involved in the project. The rest of the team will then join in to make sure everyone is on the same page for the scope of the project and bid.

Quantity, Quantity, Quantity

From there, the assistant estimator is responsible for working up the quantities involved with the project. The focus is on how many tasks the project will require – how much work it will take and how it will be built. Once the assistant estimator has quantified the work, the estimator will be able to dive into the pricing and production end of the job.

Visualizing Via Software

The assistant estimator is skilled in a variety of different software programs that are used to further visualize and quantify a potential project. Whether it’s working in 2D for a paving project or in 3D modeling for grading and earthwork, an assistant estimator creates and provides our team with advanced visuals at this initial phase of a project.

Getting into the Field

While much of an assistant estimator’s job is in the office on a computer, at Gray & Son, we also make sure they are getting out into the field. Seeing a project in action, or even the site they are helping to bid on, has proven valuable in providing a well-rounded view of their work. Our company culture emphasizes that we are all part of one big team, working to get a project done to our customers’ satisfaction, whether they are based in the field or in the office.

Without our assistant estimators, our estimators, project managers and many others would have much more difficult jobs. By working together to get a full picture of a new project, we ensure that we provide the most accurate bids and are able to deliver a project to our customers’ expectations.

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