5 Essential Safety Measures on Construction Sites

Three men on a construction site conversing by their truck about a blueprint working for a company named Gray & Son a leading site and development contractor in Maryland.

When people think about construction industry jobs they often envision a high-risk environment filled with potential dangers. While it’s true that construction sites can be hazardous, the construction industry as a whole has come a long way in prioritizing safety. Today, construction sites are safer than ever before, thanks to rigorous safety measures and advancements…

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What is the Best Way to Get Your First Job in Construction?

A male construction worker wearing a bright yellow vest with the company name " Gray & Son", Gray & Son is a leading site and development contractor in Maryland.

Entering the construction industry and securing your first job as a construction worker can be an exciting and rewarding endeavor. However, with the competitive nature of the field, it’s important to equip yourself with the right skills and knowledge to stand out among other applicants. Here, the experienced team at Gray & Son detail the…

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