What is the Best Way to Get Your First Job in Construction?

Entering the construction industry and securing your first job as a construction worker can be an exciting and rewarding endeavor. However, with the competitive nature of the field, it’s important to equip yourself with the right skills and knowledge to stand out among other applicants. Here, the experienced team at Gray & Son detail the best ways to kickstart your construction career, focusing on essential construction worker skills and available job opportunities.

What Construction Worker Skills are Companies Looking For

To increase your chances of landing your first job in construction, it’s crucial to possess the necessary skills that all employers in the industry are looking for. Here are some key skills we focus on:

  1. Technical Know-How: Familiarity with common construction tools and equipment is a must-have for those looking to succeed in the construction industry. If possible, consider taking courses or pursuing certifications related to construction trades like carpentry, plumbing, electrical work, or masonry ahead of time to increase your chances of landing a job. 
  2. Communication and Teamwork: Effective communication and collaboration are essential in construction. Bringing strong interpersonal skills is a valuable asset, as construction projects involve working closely with diverse teams.
  3. Problem-Solving Abilities: Construction sites often present unexpected challenges. You can make yourself a more appealing candidate for a construction job by cultivating problem-solving skills and demonstrating adaptability and resourcefulness in finding solutions.
  4. Physical Fitness and Stamina: Construction work often requires physical labor and endurance. If you regularly exercise and have the strength, stamina and overall fitness that a construction job commands, you will set yourself apart from those that do not have these capabilities. 

Gain Practical Construction Job Experience

Acquiring practical experience is invaluable when starting a career in construction. Consider the following avenues to gain hands-on experience:


Seek apprenticeship programs offered by industry associations or contractors. These programs provide a structured learning environment and hands-on training under the guidance of experienced professionals.

Volunteering and Entry-Level Positions

Offer to volunteer on construction projects or apply for entry-level positions within construction companies. These opportunities allow you to learn on the job, build your network, and showcase your commitment and work ethic.

Construction Education Programs

Explore vocational or technical schools that offer construction-focused programs. These programs often include internships or co-op placements that provide real-world experience that will help you stand out when searching for a career in construction.

Network within the Construction Industry

Networking is a powerful tool for landing your first job in construction. Attend industry events, trade shows, and job fairs to connect with professionals and potential employers. Join construction-related associations or online communities to expand your network and gain insights into job opportunities.

Leverage Online Job Platforms and Local Resources

Use online job platforms and local resources specific to the construction industry. Explore websites like Indeed, LinkedIn, or specialized construction job boards to search for available positions. Additionally, check with local trade associations and contractors’ associations that may advertise job openings.

Interested in a Construction Career with Gray & Son Career?

Securing your first job in construction requires a combination of skill development, practical experience, networking, and effective job search strategies. By focusing on developing essential construction worker skills, gaining practical experience, networking within the industry, crafting an impressive resume, and using online job platforms, you can increase your chances of finding an entry-level position and kickstarting a successful career in construction. Remember to stay persistent, showcase your dedication, and continually update your skills to advance in the construction industry.

Gray & Son careers offer a wide range of job opportunities in the construction industry, from plant operators, truck dispatchers, administrators, and more. With competitive wages, great benefits, and a family-oriented culture teeming with growth opportunities, the possibilities of jobs in construction are endless. There’s never been a better time to join this exciting and rewarding industry. See what your career with Gray & Son could look like on our Careers page.

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