The Importance of Sustainability in the Construction & Demolition Process

When it  comes to construction and demolition, there are many materials, as well as time and energy, that goes into completing a project. In recent years, there has been a mindset shift for many construction companies that has a stronger focus on environmental sustainability and recycling. At Gray & Son, we are keenly aware of how our construction and demolition choices impact the community around us, and want to do everything we can to ensure that our local environment is kept safe and protected. Here, our teams at Gray & Son and Maryland Paving outline the importance of recycling in the construction and demolition process, and how we have altered our strategy to complete projects sustainably, without sacrificing quality. 

Sustainable Construction & Demolition Can Greatly Benefit Our Community

Did you know that buildings account for ? of global resource consumption, and around 11% of carbon emissions stem from construction, renovations and demolition? Using green practices in construction and demolition (C&D) offers a variety of benefits, including resource conservation, energy efficiency and reduction of operation and maintenance costs. Construction and demolition debris encompasses a variety of materials that can be reused during the site construction process, such as wood, concrete, steel, brick and asphalt. At Gray & Son, we prioritize beneficial reuse of as many project materials as we can, taking additional time to sort through every area of our demolition site to pull out all possible usable material, reducing future costs for our clients and benefiting our local environment. Maryland has consistently ranked high in environmental consciousness, including ranking in the top 10 for both eco-friendly behaviors and climate change contributions, according to a recent study, and we intend to keep it that way! 

Our Full Service Offerings Create a Streamlined Construction Approach

When it comes to completing a construction, demolition or redevelopment project, there are many avenues in which you must go through to achieve the final result. What if we told you that we could streamline that process? One of the issues that so many clients face is the continuous cycle of speaking with various contractors, learning their work and communication styles and making sure that all of these things merge together to create one cohesive project. However, that is not always the case. Working with multiple companies that have different workflows, values and communication processes can ultimately end up costing you more time and money, and small items may get overlooked. By working with Gray & Son through an entire site work package, you can feel comfortable and confident that our teams are collaborating through each step from inception to completion, providing you with great value and creating an efficient process. 

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As you research, discuss and consider your options for a contractor, we hope that you will consider using Gray & Son. With over a century of experience serving Maryland, Pennsylvania and Delaware, our team is acutely aware of these areas, and make it our mission to serve our community well. We know that sometimes this means taking the extra steps to ensure that our processes are both high quality and eco-friendly, without compromising in either area. As an organization with rich history and an innovative mindset, we want you to see the tangible difference that Gray & Son can have on your next project. To learn more about our offerings, contact our Baltimore County office today

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