Under the Hardhat With Accounting Intern Amy Potochney

A rising junior at Towson University, Amy Potochney spent her summer at Gray & Son’s home offices as an accounting intern.

The opportunity to gain hands-on experience in the industry sparked Amy’s interest and ultimately compelled her to apply. “I applied for the Gray & Son internship program because I was interested in learning about accounting in the construction industry,” she said. 

The ability to work side by side with seasoned professionals was one of the biggest benefits. “My favorite part of my internship was getting to work in an office for the first time,” said Amy. “I am getting real-world experience. It helped me to grow professionally– working with new people and being a part of the accounting team.” 

Part of that real-world experience required Amy to interact with vendors and customers to complete accounting processes. “The thing that challenged me the most was making phone calls to our vendors,” she said. “I had to step outside of my comfort zone.” 

In addition to presenting opportunities for growth, her internship also presented opportunities to soak up the Gray & Son culture. “I loved participating in our fun office spirit days on Fridays,” said Amy. 

As she wraps up her time with the team, Amy reflects on how the experience has allowed her to understand what she’s looking for in a career. “It shaped my career goals because it has given me a taste of private accounting,” she said. “I’m considering it for my future career.” 

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