Under the Hardhat With Project Management Intern Chase Webbert

A Reisterstown native and Penn State University Student, Chase Webbert spent his summer working as a Project Management Intern with the Gray & Son team. During his internship, Chase was given the opportunity to work on real projects with a variety of different team members. “My favorite part of the internship has been interacting with members of the Gray & Son family who have provided me insight on construction,” said Chase. “Whether it was project management, estimating, accounting, operating, safety, or any other area, they taught me a lot.” 

Despite having limited exposure to the construction industry prior to his internship, Chase was able to hit the ground running. “I was challenged because I had little construction background coming in,” said Chase. “However, I got to learn an immense amount about the construction world and its divisions.” 

Like many college students, Chase has used his internship to better understand the different career paths available upon graduation. “My experience with Gray & Son allowed me to see the journeys that employees have taken here through hard work and dedication,” he said. “Gray & Son showed me that it doesn’t matter where you start, it is about the journey and your development within the team.” 

As Chase hangs up his hardhat, he remarks on how grateful he is for those who took the time to teach him this summer. “I would like to thank Gray & Son for the opportunity to be a Project Management Intern this summer. I appreciate the time that others took out of their busy schedules to answer any questions I had and to teach me about their respective careers.” He also reflects on the professional and personal growth this opportunity has allowed him. “I was able to interact with a company whose roots date back over a hundred years,” he said. “I was fortunate enough to interact with very knowledgeable people in the company who challenged and mentored me. An internship experience at Gray & Son is critical for development in the construction world.”

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