Making Gray & Son a One-Stop Shop with the Addition of Demolition Services

Many site development projects in today’s world begin with demolition. More and more projects have existing structures that need to be demolished before the next site preparation tasks, such as excavation, soil stabilization and utility construction. Because of this, Gray & Son is excited to be adding demolition to our list of services! We are able to provide full-service, start-to-finish site redevelopment with this addition.

We are already at work on demolition projects, including a crushing job at the former Rosewood Center in Owings Mills. Being able to process concrete and demo debris on-site allows for beneficial reuse of materials and minimizes the amount of hauling and new materials needed for the redeveloped site. Instead of disposal, we can process and size the aggregate to prepare the material for beneficial reuse back into the job. This is a win-win for our customers and the environment, as we streamline processes and eliminate the need for new resources.

We’re also able to pull asphalt from demolition projects to take to our asphalt production facilities at Maryland Paving, a division of Gray & Son, and recycle them into our asphalt products. Overall, the addition of demolition to our service offerings allows us to be more resourceful and conscientious with the materials for our projects.

With Gray & Son now performing this service, many customers can come to us as a one-stop shop, knowing they can trust the same company that has long provided site development services to handle everything for them. They only have to hire one company instead of multiple, and we can see a project through with our same high standards. We are excited to expand into demolition services and look forward to working on more projects that include demolition and allow us to provide an even more well-rounded offering to our customers.

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