Excavation Services

Gray & Son is a leading site excavation contractor in Maryland. Our site excavation services include advanced mass grading for roads, buildings and housing developments, fine grading for total site layout, and quarry stripping and reclamation.

Advance Mass Grading:

Advance Mass Grading involves moving of earth and soils in order to create a solid base foundation for roads, buildings and housing developments, among others.

Gray & Son uses the following equipment for advance mass grading:

  • Scrapers
  • Excavators
  • Back dumps
  • GPS technology where applicable
  • Dump trucks

Fine Grading:

Fine grading is the process of shaping and preparing the land for concrete.

Fine Grading for total site layout includes:

  • Building pads
  • House lots
  • Roads
  • Ball fields
  • Parking lots
  • Pathways

Quarry Stripping and Quarry Reclamation:

Quarry stripping is the removal of all dirt and unwanted material from a quarry, while quarry reclamation is the process of restoring mined land to its natural state so it is usable for another purpose.

Gray & Son is certified under the Mine Safety and Health Administration to perform quarry and mine work, such as:

  • Strip mining of overburden, which is the process of removing the topsoil above the minerals being mined, stockpiling it and returning it to the mine pit when mining is finished
  • Grading
  • Stormwater management
  • Other various yard maintenance

We use best practices for sediment control and are fully certified for sediment control in the State of Maryland.

Our Excavation Projects in Baltimore, Maryland and Surrounding Areas:

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