Looking Ahead in the Job Market: Why Site Contracting Is the Way to Go

Whether you are just beginning your career or looking for a change of pace, have you considered construction as your next career move? Construction jobs provide great opportunities for growth and benefits in the short and long-term. Here, we discuss the advantages of working in site construction and why joining a company like Gray & Son can be a rewarding career choice. 

The Advantages of Construction Work

Not only is there a current shortage of skilled workers in the trade industry, but studies predict that this need for motivated workers will only continue to grow in the years to come. For the foreseeable future, those in the industry should be able to expect more job security than others, a legitimate concern considering the lingering effects and uncertainty surrounding Covid-19. There is a wide range of jobs for all skill levels allowing for low barriers to entry and significant employment growth opportunities. With no degree and little to no experience required, many entry-level positions are willing to hire those with the drive to learn and work their way up. Not to mention, site contracting work provides consistent work-life balance, camaraderie and pride for the laborers who are working to lay the foundation of our communities.

Benefits of A Job in Construction

Among other advantages, construction work is a consistent way to stay fit and healthy. Unlike white-collar jobs where sitting all day is the standard, construction workers and contractors perform manual labor for the majority of their work. The ongoing physical activity is beneficial to fitness, health and life longevity. However, the physical demand can be wearing over time, so it is important for those in this line of work to take care of their bodies, especially if they are anticipating a lifelong career.

Financially, pursuing a career in construction and contracting can be very attractive to many job seekers. Many positions do not require degrees, and thus do not result in student loan debt. At the same time, the construction industry also needs new hires with advanced education such as engineers and project managers. Wages, salaries, and benefits are very competitive. While pay depends on several factors, the average starting wage in Maryland for entry level construction workers is between $14 to $16.00 an hour, not including potential overtime pay and benefits. As we mentioned previously, growth potential is high, and regular promotions leave room for pay and benefits increases. 

Challenges to Consider 

Like any job, construction work has challenges that are important to consider. As previously mentioned, construction work can be hard on your body and physically tiring. Depending on your specific duties, you may be exposed to extreme weather conditions for long periods of time and at times face safety risks in the regular course of operations. And, while entry into the field is easy, it does take time, hard work and commitment to learn the trade. For those who are not willing to put in effort to develop the skills and knowledge needed to grow, construction may not be the right line of work.

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If you’ve got a willingness to work hard and an eagerness to learn and want an opportunity to do meaningful work, all while earning a living with a company you can trust to keep you safe, a job in construction just may be the career for you. Gray & Son is a leading construction and site development company in Maryland, and we are actively looking to add dedicated and talented people to our team! Contact our Baltimore County office today to learn more, or click here to view open positions.

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