All About Our Sister Company, Maryland Paving

Did you know that Gray & Son has a sister company? Maryland Paving has the reputation of being the best provider of asphalt pavement and other aggregate products in the Baltimore region, and we’re proud of our relationship with them. So we wanted to share a little bit of their history and some information about what they do!

Maryland Paving started with one batch plant in Aberdeen, and over the years, grew to five plants throughout the Baltimore region, including that same Aberdeen plant, Churchville, Finksburg, Rosedale and Texas. Maryland Paving has built new plants with new technology as time has passed, continually upgrading their facilities to be the best in the paving business.

What exactly does Maryland Paving do, and how does it relate to Gray & Son’s work? As mentioned earlier, Maryland Paving manufactures a wide array of asphalt and aggregate products to be used for paving. Each facility produces multiple mixes every day, as well as some specialty mixes that meet complex project needs. For example, porous paving mixes are made to allow water to penetrate them without destroying the material, and these are used to help with stormwater management. Another example is warm mix, which is mixed at a lower temperature than traditional products but still has the same workability as hotter mixes. This is both more energy efficient and makes the work environment better for those doing the paving work. And don’t forget that the asphalt industry in general has been recycling materials in their products for about 30 years!

Gray & Son performs a lot of paving work, and this relationship with Maryland Paving ensures they have access to the best paving products in the area for their local projects. While Gray & Son makes up a significant portion of Maryland Paving’s business, it is certainly not the majority. Maryland Paving also does a lot of business with other large and small paving contractors and agency work, such as state highways and airports.

At the heart of the Gray & Son and Maryland Paving relationship is the business philosophy that has long been the foundation for both companies. It has always been important to both companies that they create a top-quality job and product, and they both still stand for this today. From basing plant schedules around customers’ needs to limit any inconvenience for them to finishing projects on schedule and on budget, both Maryland Paving and Gray & Son are committed to outstanding customer satisfaction.

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