Construction Recruitment in Today’s World

We’ve already shared some of the changes we’ve made at Gray & Son due to COVID-19, and we’re continuing to take precautions to keep our teams safe and healthy. Since we’ve been fortunate to be deemed an essential business, we’ve also been in the rare position of continuing to hire new employees throughout the past few months. Of course, like so many aspects of all of our lives, recruiting has looked very different during the pandemic.

Recruiting and human resources typically rely on a lot of contact with people, through both outreach and then in training once someone joins our team. We’ve had to alter how we both recruit and implement training for new team members in today’s world. Gray & Son strives to be cutting edge on all fronts of our business, and we’ve really relied on that to continue recruiting.

For example, we have a number of partnerships that we typically work through for in-person recruitment events. Now, we’re working with those partners to figure out how to tap into their resources virtually. We are exploring the best tools and working with others in the industry to find the best ways to connect virtually with potential employees. The City of Baltimore Mayor’s Office of Employment Development has introduced a virtual platform and is working to help engage job seekers, and we’ve been able to participate in their live streaming events that can then be archived and shown to people at other times.

We’re working even harder now to identify who we need to get in front of, and then figuring out how to do it. It’s no longer as simple as participating in high school and college job fairs. Fortunately, the first step in our application process has always been digital, as we’ve long used electronic means to post opportunities. We’re encouraging applicants to apply online as opposed to in person, which we’ve also done for a long time, so we’re well set up for that process. We also conduct our first round of interviews on the phone.

Once potential employees have reached the next step of the interview process, we are conducting socially distanced, in-person interviews. These are sequestered, small group meetings that ensure the proper distancing protocols are observed. Finally, we are using the same approach for our onboarding and training.

As the situation continues to change, we’re continuing to do our part to keep our team and prospects safe and healthy. We’ll keep evolving to ensure we’re able to keep building the best team possible here at Gray & Son! If you or someone you know is looking for a great career path, check out our current job openings, and if qualified and interested, apply online now. We look forward to connecting with you virtually!

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