Harford County Construction Company

Gray & Son is the top site development and construction contractor serving Harford County, Maryland, Bel Air and Aberdeen. Our family-owned business began in Baltimore in 1908 and we handle both private and public construction projects of all sizes. Gray and Son prides itself on being focused on safety, customer satisfaction and the environment and the key to our success is our employees and our connection with the communities we serve in Harford County.

Areas of Expertise

As a Maryland site development contractor our core areas of expertise include a comprehensive range of commercial and residential construction and site development services including: asphalt paving, excavation, utilities, concrete, soil stabilization, snow removal, sediment control and stormwater management, and heavy construction equipment rental.

Core Services Include:

Asphalt Paving Contractor
Asphalt Paving Services in Harford County, Maryland include: Overlays/Resurfacing; Asphalt Patching; Full-Depth Reconstruction; New Construction; Undercutting; Milling; Asphalt Berm; Concrete Curb & Gutter; Stone Base; Line Marking and Paving Fabric

Site Excavation Contractor
Site Excavation Services in Harford County, Maryland include: Fine Grading for Total Site Layout; Advanced Mass Grading for Road, Buildings and Housing Developments; Quarry Stripping and Quarry Reclamation.

Utilities Contractor
Utility Services in Harford County, Maryland include: Installation, Management and Maintenance of Water Mains; Low-Pressure Sewer Systems and Grinder Pumps; New Water and Water Services to Existing Mains; Storm Drains; Stormwater Ponds; Culverts; Underground Stormwater Management Facilities; Drafting Tanks for Firefighting Purposes; Trenching and Excavation. Cleaning of Storm Drain Lines and Underground Stormwater Management Facilities; and “Soft-Dig” Test Pitting

Concrete Contractor
Concrete Services in Harford County, Maryland include: New Curb and Gutter Design; Curb and Gutter; Sidewalks; Concrete Flatwork; and Cast-In-Place Structures

Soil Stabilization Contractor
Soil Stabilization Services in Harford County, Maryland include: Soil Cement; Soil Mixing; Compaction; and Geotechnical Evaluations

Snow Removal Contractor
Commercial and Residential Snow Removal Services in Harford County, Maryland include: Clearance of Parking Lots and Parking Decks; Snow Removal and Plowing; Hauling of Snow Off-Property; Bulk Salt Application; Pre-Treatment of State Roads; and Installation of Curb Markers

Erosion and Sediment Control/Storm Water Management
Erosion and Sediment Control Services in Harford County, Maryland include: Dedicated Construction Crews; Stormwater Management Ponds; Bio-Retention and Water Quality Facilities; Underground Stormwater Management Facilities; and Level Spreaders

Heavy Duty ConstructionEquipment Rental
Gray & Son proudly owns its own fleet of heavy duty construction equipment that is available for rent in Harford County, MD and employs a shop team that works diligently to keep it in top-notch condition.

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