“Get the Dirt”: Construction Tips & Industry News for You

We are excited to introduce the new Gray & Son blog, all about construction news! So why are we here? What’s the reason behind starting a blog now? Well, for a long time, we’ve wanted an outlet where we could easily add our voice to the conversation about important topics in the industry. Being able to communicate directly with customers, prospects, business partners, employees and more is important to us, and this seemed like a good way to make that happen. There is so much information available to all of us, and we want to cut through the noise and tell you just what you need to hear.

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This blog will be a place where you can find out about the news and trends affecting Maryland site contractors and the projects we work on, whether that’s asphalt paving, civil construction, site development, utilities, excavation, concrete, soil stabilization and more! From topics ranging from news to safety to unique projects we’re working on, we’ll cover the things important to you and your business.

Gray & Son team members are on top of industry news, and we always want to stay ahead of legislation or events that affect how we do our jobs. For that reason, we’re in a unique position to be able to share this knowledge in an easy-to-read format that gets right to heart of the matter. And that’s what you can expect from this blog.

So, now I’ll ask you directly: What are the topics you’ve been wondering about? Have you heard any news lately and thought, “how is that going to affect my business or my contracting projects?” Reach out to us and ask your questions. Our goal for this blog is to be a resource to our customers, community and employees, so we’re eager to chime in with our view on topics affecting the industry that you want to know more about.

We’ll be gathering information from a variety of our team members with different areas of expertise to ensure you’re getting multiple perspectives and hearing from voices across the business. We’ve got a great list of topics on deck, so stay tuned to hear more from us! We’re just getting started.

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